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Mission Chinese Food Merch is your authentic Chinese dining in the heart of New York. If you think you’ve got it all figure out when it comes to Chinese dishes, then think again because Mission Chinese Food Merch will bring you into a whole new world of new experiences that will definitely appeal to your taste buds. We are very confident about the food that we offer here. In fact, we can even say that tasting them would be a new experience to you since we ensure to include a twist on every dish. In that way, our customers will not be able to compare our dishes to others. We’ve long perfected this recipe even before we open the restaurant and so far, it only gets better. We dare you to come to our restaurant to taste it yourself. In that way, you can give it your verdict too.

Mission Chinese Food Merch is a dining place that started over a decade ago. Until today, it is still open and serving the people in and outside of New York with passion and with the care that they deserve. For every bite, you will experience our hard work and love for our craft. At present, it is still being managed by the original owners of the restaurant who are immigrants from China. We cook food ourselves and we make sure that the service that we provide is the same as what we are going to give when we have family visiting our residence. That is what you are to us –our family.

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