Chinese Food in a Bowl |

Mission Chinese Food Merch is a legitimate Chinese place that will teach you new things about Chinese dishes. Among my favorite is Chinese food. I thought I already have experienced all sort of recipes and all types of cooking when it comes to this cuisinebut coming to this place, I was wrong. There are still so many things to discover and that includes different rituals and practices Chinese people have. The best thing is that they will give you a short tour to their kitchen if you request it and it is fascinating to see how the people there work for the food they serve the customers. The matriarch of the family is included in the people who overlook the preparation of dishes. It is no wonder why the quality is maintained when it comes to the food that they serve.

– Steve
I made a reservation for twelve because my mom is celebrating her birthday and we know that she loves Chinese food so much. Imagine our surprise when they reserved us a private room even without us asking. They did this without any additional expenses for us. Although I would love to pay them extra for their job well done. They even gave my mom a small cake and everybody sang her a Happy Birthday song. We were so touched by their effort. The cake was really good too. It tasted like a lemon meringue without being too sweet which appeal to our taste buds in just the right way. The dishes that they serve are really very delicious too and the staff is being attentive to us all night long. Thank you Mission Chinese Food Merch for making my mom’s celebration a good experience for the family. We will definitely come again. Recommended Chinese place. You should try this out to believe it.

– Andrew